31 Weird and Funny Hipster Tattoos

URLesque has posted a collection of 31 “hipster” tattoos. The tattoos are interesting and probably unique. It is a fun collection. You will want to be sure and have a look HERE. The article begins: “Hipsters are a mystery to all but themselves. We try to understand them, but the ways of the hipster are pretty strange. They try to out-cool each other constantly, but being thought of as ‘cool’ is looked down upon in their community. They love bright, tight clothing (especially if it comes from American Apparel or, better yet, a thrift store) and weird tattoos.

If you’re thinking of becoming a hipster, you’ll need to think of some peculiar — and sometimes funny — tattoo ideas. Hipsters pride themselves on having unique tattoos that they thought up all on their own, often choosing “ironic” or unexpected imagery to make a point.


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