About Debra & her tattoo

I got my first tattoo in the early 1970s while I was a stripper in San Diego. I went with another dancer, Terry. We were not drunk or high (a common excuse for getting a tattoo).  We found a tattoo parlor in downtown San Diego with a tattoo “artist” who was a swarthy senior citizen. After selecting a design from the drawingson jis walls, we sat down for our tattoos. Yeoch! Mine was on my upper breast and it hurt like crazy. 

My tattoo has served me well through the years. It is a butterfly. I have a phase I use when it is mentioned, “I can make it fly when I am in the mood…”

It faded after about 10 years so I went back to have it refreshed. The second tattoo artist obviously considered himself to ba an “artist” because he drew far outside the lines of the original tattoo making it much larger than it began.

About 11 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy that would have probably damaged my tattoo. There was a young intern who I told to be sure to keep it in tact, He took my caution to heart and spent about an hour extra carefully stitching me to align the tattoo. My partner was worried sick that my surgery took so long.  I wound up with an infection that resulted in a crooked butterfly and an unfortunate scar location. Few folks get to see my tattoo these days but it is a great reminder of my early days as a dancer and wild child.  I have a great fondness for my butterfly and have never regretted having it.

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