Are Memorial Tattoos A Good Idea?

It goes without saying that a tattoo can be an incredible experience where you will able to carry the memories with you on your body for the rest of your life. When you have a loved one or a pet that has passed, it may actually seem like a good idea to have some sort of a memorial tattoo done. However, is this kind of tattoo such a good idea? How do you go about choosing the design and where on your body should it be located?

When you think about getting any kind of memorial tattoo, it is always best to put a good amount of thought into the entire piece. If you happen to have a good creative relationship with your tattoo artist, then you may be able to collaborate with them to see just what he or she can help you come up with. Should you get a portrait of them, just their name and dates or should you have something done that was meaningful between you? There are plenty of avenues that you can consider.

Out of love and respect, many people like to have a memorial tattoo done to show their level of dedication to the person or animal that has passed. Many think that this is an incredible way to memorialize the person while others also believe that it is a great way to help them deal with their grief and mourning. Whatever your reasoning may be, time and thought are two things that should not be skimped on when you are deciding on a memorial tattoo.

Some of the popular designs that people choose when it comes to memorial tattoos can include crosses, landscapes, moon and stars, portraits or even simple script wording with the person’s or pet’s name and even a saying. Often times a combination of two or more of these things can be put together for a more elaborate tattoo. It basically all depends on your level of dedication to the thought behind the design as well as how much money that you happen to have to spend on it.

Finally, make sure that you put some good consideration to the location of the design once you decide to get started. The upper arm, shoulder blade or even the chest over the heart are all common places that a memorial tattoo done. Once you make all of the important decisions on your memorial tattoo, all that is left is the buzz of the gun and the actual tattoo session!

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