Are TemporaryTattoos Tacky?

I suppose the answer to that question depends on your mindset when wearing a temporary tattoo. Are you wearing a bad ass tat intending for folks to think it is real and that you are bad ass yourself. If that is the case – then, “Yes” – it is tacky. Or, are you just out for a night of dancing and want to liven up your attitude with a bit of color or bling? Do you want to tantalize a lover with a well placed tattoo to add a bit of “strange” to your love life? Are you hosting a children’s party, bridesmaid’s party or bachelor party and want to add to the fun by providing some temporary tattoos to the party theme? Are you considering getting a tattoo but are unsure about taking the plunge? Temporary tattoos are perfectly acceptable in all these situations as well as those that are sold for school team moneymakers or by tattoo shops as an adjunct to their main business. Don’t be afraid or leary of trying them out. Do you really want that armband? Now you can wear one for a night to a few days to help make up your mind. Here is a shop that custom makes temporaty tattoos for shop owners and sports teams. Hope you find the link helpful!

Temporary Tattoos - Satisfaction Guaranteed

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  1. Marcos
      October 22, 2015

    Kate McElwee – Wow, Lucas, these are super awesome! I esceaiplly love the ones where they are the little highlight in an otherwise dark and moody image. Great stuff.

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