British Ladies Get Charity Tattoo On Their Arms

A group of 18 British women all touched by breast cancer have each been tattooed with a special design to raise money for mammography equipment and the cancer unit at Southend Hospital. A delicate pink ribbon tattoo was given to all the women. The tattoo shop who did the work donated their time and design work. You can read more about it HERE
This is a great trend. We see more ideas of a similar nature lately. Tattoos are not just fun and expressive. They can also be benificial for charitale organizations. In the news this week is: A San Francisco taqueria offers lunch for life to those willing to have their logo tattooed on their body. You can read more about it HERE. Ocean City Deleware recently denied Independent Tattoo Inc. of Selbyville, Del. who submitted an application for an ad on an Ocean City bus for the coming season. Read about it HERE Other items in the new include a story about a Brazilian soccer team giving free t-shirts to fans who have the team logo tattooed and lots of articles about Sandra Bullock’s husband’s affair with a notorious tattooed model.

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