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Cool IPhone Apps for Ink Lovers

Here are some IPhone Apps that you might enjoy. Check them out! 1. Tattoo Bible – Are You Ready For An Ink? Search for the tattoo you want, print it out, and bring it in to the artist! This app has over 900 images and ideas for you to start building with. 2. Tattoo Me: […]

Dermablend Professional, a Leader in Coverage Cosmetics, Launches Leg and Body Tattoo Primer

For millions of Americans seeking to hide their tattoos, Dermablend Professional offers an affordable and effective solution Dermablend, a name you have come to know and trust for exceptional coverage and wear, brings a solution to a problem experienced by millions of Americans. According to a report in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, […]

Regretable Tattoos

Whether misspelled or of passing Internet trends, a bad tattoo is something you just know when you see it. But what about pop culture tattoos? Permanently inking the name of your favorite popular musician, TV character, or movie franchise may seem like a good idea for now, but these things are called “pop culture” for a reason: Things don’t tend to stay popular forever