Check Out Your New Tattoo Before Getting Inked has an article about a new online service that will let you upload your image, wrap it around an avatar and then put your intended tattoo on almost any part of your body (genetalia not included). Read More about it HERE. At this point, I’ve looked at sites that have given me the power to create fake hair, Wii-free Mii avatars, and one that did virtual make-up. Now it’s time to try one that does fake tattoos. Is the human body a sacred thing? Yes, but certainly not on the Internet.

Meet Obsessive Ink, the latest site to create a “virtual you” that can be modified with realistic tattoos. It lets you see what you’d look like with a tattoo, given you put in enough effort to make its virtual avatars look like your own face and body.

To help you out, the service can map an image of your face to a 3D head. The same goes for any tattoo art you have handy as a JPEG image. Though worth noting is that the conversion of the tat onto your 3D self costs $1.99 per piece of art. The facial mapping is quite a bit of fun though. You just upload a good, high-resolution shot of your face, map out where the nose, eyes and ears are, and it wraps your virtual flesh around a virtual head. I must have done this a hundred times in video games and other face mapping tools, but it never seems to lose its luster.


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