Dr. Oz on Tattoo Safety

myFOXchicago.com posted an interesting film short by dr. Oz talking about tattoo safety. They said: About a quarter of the people between ages 18 and 24 have tattoos. So, are you thinking about getting inked? First, plan ahead.

You may want to pick an area that can be hidden, and are easily altered, like the upper legs, buttocks, or back.

Thinner skin regions are more painful to tattoo and remove.

Make sure your artist wears sterile gloves and a surgical mask, and your skin is cleaned first with an antibacterial solution.

Remember, infections happen because the skin is broken, and the pigments are not sterile. So, bacteria and viruses may contaminate them, and
infections may breed on parts of the machine that can not be sterilized.

Keep in-mind, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hep-C are all transmittable through tattooing. So, before you get tatted, know the risks.

View the film… Enjoy!!!

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