Medical Skin Care Discovery Elevates Tattoo Healing

TATTOO INKGUARD announces the United States retail debut of its FLUX AFTERCARE, a tattoo healing treatment.

FLUX AFTERCARE is the first-ever medical-grade treatment with years of developmental and clinical testing designed specifically to protect the ink pigments deposited in the skin and dramatically improve the overall tattoo process and recovery time.

Originally developed for the medical community, FLUX AFTERCARE is an all-lipid formula designed to properly accelerate the healing of newly tattooed skin and scientifically proven to replace the skin’s vital occlusive barrier to prevent scarring, scabbing and infection. During a tattoo, the skin’s collagen matrix is disrupted, leaving freshly tattooed skin susceptible to scabbing, scarring, color loss and infection. Extensive research has shown that the skin-identical Phytosphingosine, Ceramide 3 and Vitamin E in FLUX AFTERCARE create a barrier on the skin that significantly reduces pain, inflammation and scar tissue and speeds up healing by over 50%.

During an extensive testing process, participants (including leading tattoo artists) reported less pain, less bleeding, less inflammation and better final color and definition with FLUX AFTERCARE, specifically with use during the tattoo process in place of petroleum-based products. “This is not my first tattoo. I have noticed several differences after using FLUX during the tattoo process and as the aftercare; there was less pain and irritation and FLUX sped up the healing time,” said clinical trial participant Jayla Jackson. “FLUX seemed to relieve a great deal of the typical pain during the tattoo – I felt no discomfort or irritation whatsoever,” reported clinical trial participant Luis Maldonado. “This product elevates the aftercare market by delivering profound results,” says Matthew Nicolo of TATTOO INKGUARD. “The difference in color, overall clarity and definition of tattoos treated with FLUX versus Vaseline-type products while tattooing is visibly significant.”

FLUX AFTERCARE is Petrolatum-free, Lanolin-free, Fragrance-free and Preservative-free.

TATTOO INKGUARD products are available for professional use and in select tattoo parlors throughout the U.S.

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