Tattoo Collection Rates Very High

I have just discovered an online tattoo collection that is killer! It is huge with just about every kind of tattoo you could want. The images are very clear and large enough so that your tattoo artist can actually use them. Here is what one happy customer had to say:

Les Trompe L’oeil de Chanel – New Temp Tattoos by Chanel

Even couture fashion house Chanel is on the temporary tattoo bandwagon. First seen on the Paris runway from its Spring/Summer 2010 show and soon to be offered on its website for about $78.00, these tattoos are the design of Chanel’s global creative director, Peter Philips. For your $78.00 you get 55 designs based on the famous Chanel look. Vogue UK has named this one of the hottest trends of 2010.

Minimizing The Pain Of Tattoos

No matter what you may hear, there really is no way to predict the amount of pain that you’ll experience when getting a tattoo. If you arrive with determination and the right frame of mind, it may not hurt you as much as you thought. On the other hand, if you arrive at the studio […]