Tramp Stamp?

I may be a bit behind the times but I just heard the term “tramp stamp” and frankly found it a bit surprising and offensive. I just read an post that esplains what it means and I find it no less offensive. I hoped such demeaning terms would have become passe’ and that women wearing tattoos had become an acceptable form of personal expression in today’s world. My hopes are in vain, apparently as it appears there is still a small but vocal group of mi·sog·y·nis·tic (defination: hatred of women: a hatred of women, as a sexually defined group)

Tattoo Artist Inks Himself For Proposal

And his girlfriend said… Source: SAN DIEGO (CNN/XETV) – Joe Wittenberg has been designing tattoos for nine years. So when it came time to ask the woman he loves to marry him, he put the machine to his own skin. “It seemed pretty apt for how me and Rachel are,” he said. It’s one thing […]