‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ Jacob Black Barbie Doll Exchanges Being Offered For Tattoo Misprints

Tattoos in the news. Almost anybody can be found with a tattoo these days – even Barbie dolls…Examiner.com – San Francisco March 11, 210. A couple of weeks ago, Twilight Lexicon broke the story (in conjunction with John Henson) that the newest The Twilight Saga: New Moon Barbie doll, that of Jacob Black, was flawed.

They pointed out a mistake in the design of Jacob’s tattoo on the doll: it’s upside-down.

The Quileute wolf tattoo worn by the actors in the film faced one way, and the doll’s tattoo was 180 degrees off.

So, Mattel is correcting the problem on Jacob Black Barbie dolls and has issued an official statement about how patrons can get a doll with a right-side-up tattoo.

Twilight fans! As you may have heard, Mattel’s heartthrob Jacob doll’s iconic tribal tattoo is upside down on a portion of the total dolls produced. Mattel apologizes for the mistake in production and is working to rectify the situation. If you purchased a Jacob doll with an upside down tattoo and wish to replace your doll with an accurately represented tattoo, READ MORE

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