The World’s Most Expensive Tattoo Is Only Temporary

World's Most Expensive Tattoo

World’s Most Expensive Tattoo

There’s something deeply fascinating to us about absurdly, purposelessly expensive items. Maybe it’s the questionable novelty of a $6,747 cell phone or a $13,875 leather jacket or that even if we somehow we won Bingo and came into a boatload of cash, we probably wouldn’t spend it on something like a $924,000 tattoo.

Yes, you heard that right in proof that the recession was just a really really bad dream, luxury South African jeweler Shimansky has unveiled the world’s most expensive tattoo.

Of course, it being Guinness worthy and all–this isn’t your typical ink. Instead, the blinged out tat is made up of 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut .5 carat diamonds–each painstaking applied to the skin using a water-based adhesive–meaning it’s only temporary. So totally a good investment.

Hmm….Tattoos and South African diamonds?

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