Top 10 Trends in Tattooing for 2013

Tattoos will always have their place in the society, although the trends have changed over the past decades. For instance, it is not surprising to find people of all ages with tattoos on their necks, ribs, feet, ankles, legs, and even inside the ears. What’s more, body art continues to evolve, including the designs and colors of tattoos. With some inspiration from famous personalities known for their eye-catchy tattoos such as David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, more and more people are becoming fascinated about the idea of getting inked just like their favorite celebrities.

If you are planning to get a small tattoo or maybe a large one to cover your entire arm, then you may want to check out this top 10 list of tattooing trends in 2013 for inspiration.

1. Feathers and Birds

According to most tattoo artists, popular designs in 2013 include anything related to feathers and birds. Men and women are getting tattoos that feature bird silhouettes, feathers, or silhouettes of feathers that are transforming into birds.

Wings tattoo

2. Tribal Symbols

Among the typical designs nowadays are tribal symbols such as dream-catchers and similar images. Those who choose to get a dream-catcher printed on their body part such as their back or chest usually have a story behind the choice of such design. In most cases, these people look for tribal designs that tell something about their life and beliefs. Then, they place these symbols in areas of their body where it makes sense instead of randomly picking a place to put the tattoo.

tribal tattoo

3. Old-School Designs

As stated previously, the trend now is the revival of traditional or old-school tattoos. In fact, there are people who lean towards memorial tattoos which they believe come with a healing benefit. Polynesian symbols are becoming more popular, and these designs are appearing more tasteful than ever.

old school tattoo

4. Custom tattoos on arms

Professional tattoo artists claim that almost all of their clients look for custom images placed on their arm, particularly the upper arm portion. They are interested in getting some kind of extraordinary arm piece to show off such as Olde English Style of lettering on their sleeves.

custom arm tattoo

5. Tattoos on rib and hip areas

Women are becoming fascinated about the idea of getting more tattoos in their hips and ribs for the sake of accentuating their lines and curves. The idea is to get tattoos (usually some famous quotes) that will flow gracefully with their body.

rib and hip tattoo

6. Bright-colored tattoos

In 2013, bright colors are definitely the fad, and these are common in abstract tattoos. Semi-realism and abstract images are definitely in right now, and you can see a lot of contrast and bold colors in these prints.

colorful tattoo

7. Tattooed fingers

Another tattooing trend this year is having numerous tattoos on fingers, which is inspired by Rihanna’s inked fingers. From thorns to roses and other symbols, getting your fingers tattooed is a new thing for men and women of all ages. I feel I must interject here. No matter what you think now, at some point in your life, you will probably want a job in the real world – obvious tats (like on your hands, neck – anywhere that is not covered by clothing…) may prevent you from getting that job – no matter how much you may want it. Please just keep it in mind when you go for a tattoo.

finger tattoo

8. Lettering

A growing number of women are keen on getting lettering on their body parts such as their neck, ankles, ribs, and some visible areas. In fact, people choose to get inked with lines from their favorite book or song. In addition, you will find some modern-day tattoo techniques that do not necessarily follow the conventional tattooing guidelines.

script tattoo

9. One-word tattoos

More people, particularly women, are fond of getting one-word tattoos such as “believe”, “hope”, “strength”, and similar inspiration words that make sense to them. It appears that they choose words that radiate positive emotions to inspire them in their everyday life.

create tattoo

10. Lotus or chakra symbols

Another enchanting symbol that is a trend this 2013 is the lotus or chakra symbol. Based on Buddhism, a lotus is used to represent a new start, or an unfolding of your brighter future. Thus, many people choose this design because they aspire for a new and better beginning. For others, they prefer the lotus tattoo because this image symbolizes a sense of protection, unconditional love and peace.

lotus tattoo
Bottom Line

This 2013, it is inevitable to find never-before-seen tattoos that come with a deeper meaning instead of random prints. Indeed, the times have changed, and there is more to tattooing than hoping to grab other people’s attention. Whether it is for the sake of expressing one’s individuality or a way of showing off one’s artistic skills, getting a tattoo can be a refreshing change that has captivated more and more people.

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